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05 March 2004

net feature
The RRF Project
National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest/Romania
BEK Bergen/Norway


Today, 5 March 2004, is an important day in Wilfried’s life, the 1st two (of 65 exhibitions) of his [R][R][F] Project open @ Kalinderu MediaLab at MNAC – National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest (until 30 April 2004) – and at the same time – 05 March 2004 @ Bergen Electronic Art Centre /Norway ( until 28 March 2004).

Click here to open the RRF Project @ MNAC

The RRF Project[R][R][F] stands for – Remembering-Repressing-Forgetting – thus the project is about the fundamental characteristics of “memory”. As everybody meanwhile knows already, the reason why “memory” is representing one of Wilfried’s main topics, can be found in the loss of his own memory due to a coma and the re-establishment of a new memory.
This extraordinary complex project is the 1st major project which is questioning not only issues related to “memory” and “identity” drawing at the same time a conclusion of his work since 2000, but related to curating, as well, it’s sense and nonsense, and the provocative issue forming the basis of the [R][R][F] Project – Wilfried is curating curators as an artistic/curatorial action.
Born on the understanding, that complex issues in art and society can be solved only in collaboration and communication with “others”, these “others” are in the given case not only the involved artists and curators via the individual artistic and curatorial concepts, but basically also the audience participating as users actively in an interactive concept, eg. generating “diversity” through “diversity”, and this way also the later following 63 venues all over the world.

So, for Wilfried, especially this first venue is representing the recognition, that the professional path of experimenting is a proper direction.
But the [R][R][F] Project is conceptually not yet mature. Starting in 2003 already on occasion of Interactiva 03 – Biennale of New Media Art in Merida/ Mexico diverse new project versions will follow in 2004, 2005 and 2006. Later in 2004, the project version to be installed at BEAP – Biennale of Electronic Art in Perth (September-November 2004) will be pointing the way Wilfried will follow by extracting certain parts of the [R][R][F] Project – SoundLab will become a platform for sonic art – and VideoChannel will become an independent platform for curating “art & moving images”- forming in 2005 the basis for CologneOFF – Cologne International Video Festival and artvideoKOELN- and “A Virtual Memorial Foundation will go its individual way by installing film collections on topics dealing with the human existence and realising complex event structures inj order to sensitize and motivate artist, curators and the audience.
So, the [R][R][F] Project is standing at the end of a conceptual development representing at the same time the starting point to something new – the knowledge, that the Internet as an artistic and curatorial media is making really sense only when it is part of an exchange between virtual and physical space.
Had been Wilfried’s projects until 2004 nearly exclusively net based, from 5 March 2004 on they were following the new conception of exchange and networking.

Enter The [R][R][F] Project here

curator: Gita Hashemi (Iran/Canada) / curatorial theme: “RealPlay”
selected artists: Jaromil, Mireille Astore, Haleh Niazmand, Hardpressed Collective, Threadbare Coalition
curator: curator: Raul Ferrera-Balanquet (Cuba/USA) / curatorial theme: “In[ter]vención”
selected artists: Giselle Beiguelman (Brazil), Ricardo Baez (Venezuela), Santiago Perez Alfaro (Mexico), Eduardo Nava (El Salvador/USA), Juan Devis and OnRamp Arts (Colombia/USA), Alex Riviera (Peru/USA)
curator as interface: Calin Man (Romania) / curator as curator: Stefan Tiron (Romania) / curatorial subject: Romanian Young Guns
selected artists: all Romanian – Sergiu Negulici, Milos Jovanovic, Catalin Rulea, Daniel Gontz, Valentin Chincisan
curator: Bjoern Norberg (Sweden) / curatorial subject: “Inflict”
artists: all Swedish – ” Beeoff” –> Olle Huge, Tomas Linell, Mikael Scherdin
curator: Eva Sjuve (Norway) / -curatorial title: BEK_dns
selected artists: – Gijs Gieskes, Antti Sakari Saario, ARM with John Hegre, Fruit, Cosmic Jinxm, Christian Bøen, Thorsen, Lossius, Bastiansen and BEK_dns_combat
selected artists: Torgeir Nes, Tom Moland, Stefan Mitterer, Terje Urnes, Peki Sinikoski, Rune Storetved, Marieke Verbiesen, Gijs Geiskes.
curator: Agricola de Cologne (Germany) / curatorial theme: {nodes of identity} – selected artists:
Conor McGarrigle (Ireland), Maite Camacho (Spain), Erkki Kirjalainen (/Santtu Rantanen) (Finland, David Clark (Canada), Melinda Rackham (Australia), Nathaniel Stern (South Africa), Oliver Dyens (Canada), Shilpa Gupta (India), Michael Sellam (France)/Garrett Lynch (Ireland), JODY ZELLEN (USA)
Melody Parker Carter (Germany) / curatorial theme: : >preconstructed transformations
selected artists: Werner Cee (Germany), Sachiko Hayashi (Sweden), Liz Miller (USA), Lisa Gye (Australia), Mustafa Maluka (South Africa), Avi Rosen (Israel), Irena Paskali (Macedonia), GAST BOUSCHET/Nadine Hilbert (Belgium), Stephane Barron (France), Lisa Cianci (Australia)
Special Feature:
title “Women :Memory of Repression in Argentina” / curatorial environment by Raquel Partnoy (USA/Argentina) and Agricola de Cologne (Germany)
including testimonials of “Mothers of Plaza de Mayo” Buenos Aires/Argentina
and net based art works of following Argentine artists—> Marina Zerbarini , Andamio Contiguo, Irene Coremberg, Anahi Caceres & Arte Una

Globalization modul curated by Humberto Ramirez
Critical Art Ensemble – subRosa – Violence Online Festival – “Stop Motion Studies” – , RTMark – Dennis Cucumber – , “Over My Dead Body”

The RRF Project
Schedule for 05 March

  • •FILE – Electronic Language Festival Rio de Janeiro/Brazil 26/02-29/03 2008
  • •Art Of Emergency – Artneuland Gallery Berlin/G – 5 Feb-15 March 2009
  • •Fundación Luis Seoane, La Coruña: 20 February – 20 March –“Violencia sin cuerpos”
  • •Mediateca -CaixaForum-, Barcelona 14 February – 7 April – “Violencia sin cuerpos”
  • •(6th) Media Arts Festival, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography 27 Feb to 9 March
  • •Generation Loss Festival – 02-28 March 2012
  • •Al Kahf Art Gallery Bethlehem/Palestine – [R][R][F] 2005–>XP 17 February – 14 March – 2005
  • •MNAC – National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest (4 March- 30 April 2004)