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12 March 2010

video feature
Santa Fe

Today 12 March, Wilfried is physically in Oslo/Norway and virtually in Santa Fe/USA. Oslo Screen Festival is an unusually nice event organized by Margarida Paiva @ Oslo Filmens Hus (now – Cinemateket) – that place in Oslo dedicated to non-commercial moving images programs. Wilfried is participating four times, as a videoartist, whose video

  • Silent Cry
  • is part of the festival program, and as a festival director, presenting a selection from the latest ColognEOFF Video Art Festival, on 14 March 2010, and what is not fixed, at that time, yet, Oslo Screen Festival will be in 2011 partner of CologneOFF 2011 – a networking initiative during the year 2011 including a programm of videoart from Norway to be presented numerous times at the partner venues in 2011. A 3rd time via the interview made in Oslo, and a forth time when Oslo Screen Festival includes Wilfried’s “Silent Cry” into a touring program.

    Oslo Screen Festival @ Goethe Institute Kiev

    Oslo Screen Festival on CologneOFF Baltic Sea

    Oslo Screen Festival on VisualContainer TV 2010

    In Oslo, it is still winter, and simultaneously with the festival the annual famous Holmenkollen Ski Games are taking place, and Wilfried will take the chance to see live what he was watching before only in television. he is impressed by the masses of people on the way to the skiing events, the sun is shining and Spring is in the air. This is a particular atmosphere. From here, Wilfried has a magnificent view over Oslo, wonderfully surrounded by the Oslo Fjord, but returned to the busy city center, Oslo looks quite provincial, if there wouldn’t be the festival, Wilfried would not have got the idea to visit Oslo as a tourist. Back to the festival, the Cinemateket is representing on one hand an ideal place for presenting filmic work, but concerning the ambitions to present videoart – the cinema environment does not really fit.
    CologneOFF on Oslo Screen Festival 2010
    That’s one crucial point with this “moving images genre”, that it’s presentation mostly sits between all chairs. What’s the proper way to present the type of works? A question, which has to come up continuously for anyone who would like to bring these works to an audience. What is the proper audience? So, Wilfried is very ambivalent whether he likes the festival programs presented on a big screen in a classical cinema room , but the audience isn’t that critical. But attending the event in Oslo, belongs anyway to the good festival experiences, because there were many occasions to meet artists and other professionals and the team around Margarida Paiva did the best possible.

    Santa Fe / New Mexico

    Wilfried is virtually attending on Friday, 12 March on Manipulated Image in cooperation with VideoChannel @ the Santa Fe Complex . USA – curated by Alysse Stepanian & Wilfried Agricola de Cologne.

    About Santa Fe Complex

    About Santa Fe Complex
    The Santa Fe Complex draws on the creativity of scientists, technologists, and artists to solve complex problems to meet business, government, and social needs. Combining talents across disciplines, the Complex has helped the City of Santa Fe model escape routes for its citizens in the event of forest fires, the city of Venice plan canal traffic to minimize the wakes that damage the city’s architecture, and the San Francisco Department of Public Health identify the movement of troubled youths through their social services network.services network.

    The mission of Complex is to create a collaborative workspace that fosters applied complexity science through interdisciplinary education, outreach, and development of innovative technologies to address real-world problems, enable social cooperation, and create economic opportunities.

    The Complex is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a renowned center of research in complexity science, an interdisciplinary approach to solving complex problems. Santa Fe has also long been famous as a center for the traditional arts and is now becoming a hotbed of innovative forms of artistic expression resulting from the crossover between art and technology.

    The Complex has drawn on these strengths of the Santa Fe area—in science, technology, and art—to create a collaborative workspace to:

    Provide the leadership, scientific expertise, infrastructure, and innovative technological tools required for the practical application of complexity science.
    Serve as the agency for organizing interdisciplinary teams to deliver project work, thereby serving as a catalyst for economic development.
    Encourage the development of entrepreneurs, allowing them to draw on the expertise of the Complex to prototype and test their new ideas.
    Provide a venue that encourages collaboration among artists, scientists, and technologists, allowing new ways of thinking and creating to emerge.
    Provide the community with facilities that encourage the youth of Santa Fe to become involved in projects that span the arts and sciences.

    This article would like to honour also the strange collaboration with Alysse. Wilfried experienced it some times when artists and other collaborating professionals were spinning intrigues behind his back or they were misusing him for unproper purposes, like stealing his ideas or similiar. It is not so easy to recover, because the things happen nearly anonymously far distant via the net, but at a certain point a different behaviour is indicating something is wrong, and it is each time like that. But, of course, not this negative side is to be honoured, but the positive one, and therefore it is a pity that Alysse saw herself forced to do unproper steps ahead which were destroying the confidence in her integrity. It is a pity, because in her way Alysse was very talented and Wilfried is sure, she had, at least, before 2012 mainly good intentions.

    Nevertheless, the common activities between Alysse and Wilfried were marked by confidence, at least from Wilfried’s side, and they were generating some promissing results.
    There were 3 major collaborations in Santa Fe, the on on 12 March 2010, further 2 April 2010 and Manipulated Image #9: “GUTTURAL!” – Friday, December 18, 2009 at 7:00pm – 7:00pm – 9:00pm – @ the Santa Fe Complex, and after Alysse moved to Los Angeles – Los Angeles@ ARENA 1 Gallery (MI #17) – April 29, 2012 (SUN) 7pm – 10pm & Echo Park Film Center (EPFC) (MI #16) February 25, 2012 (SAT) 8pm-10pm.

    In 2012, Wilfried will be meeting her in person in Orebro/Sweden on occasion of “artscreen”- Festival – 5-7 October 2012 – organized by Eva Olsson and Jonas Nilsson.
    and afterwards everything will have changed – something had happened which made Alysse think it would be good to misuse Wilfried, his contacts or ideas, whatever it was, after being recovered – the collaboration will not continued – destroyed confidence cannot be repaired in Internet based relationships. In any case, Wilfried would like to wish Alysse good luck for her Future!!
    And – for apologizing, it is never too late!

    Schedule for 12 March

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