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JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
director & chief curator
Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

As a virtual museum for virtual art, JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
is a museum in a classical and un-usual sense alike. The collections are networked and often the existence of artworks is temporarily limited, the artist and their works are transient.
JavaMuseum was only exceptionally hosting the files of a programmed art work on its own server, but in nearly all cases, the exhibited works were linked. Instead of this, JavaMuseum was the first which was curating virtual space and was creating for each exhibition another interface.

That’s practical in this sense, that caring about the artworks and their availability on the net is lying in the responsibility of an artist or another host, but this can be crucial if artists do not behave that responsible, often the URLs (Internet addresses) to be linked changed (for instance by moving to a new server or being removed, at all) causing a dead link in the exhibition or collection. But also the existance of artists is transient, often the life time of such a transient artist is no longer than 2 or 3 artworks or some months or years.
So, the problem of JavaMuseum became visible only while time was progessing and one or the other dead link could not be repaired, any more, and only the artists name and some related information remained.
Another problem is the rapid development of technology since 2000, when JavaMuseum was founded. At that time, the artworks were based on a low-tech programming according to the technological standard at the time of the creation. Works which had been spectacular in one or the other way when they were created, are perceived nowadays when advanced technolgy is available to anybody, as minor in technological and artistic quality, and are therefore very often not accepted and respected, any longer. Loved by many artists due to the intuitve software environment, Flash by Macromedia (now owned by ADOBE) is representing such a transient technology. Offering unusual creative possiblities, Flash became meanwhile a kind of security problem and a matter of wrong (commercially orientated) aims.
JavaMuseum was using Flash for the creation of the exhibition interfaces, and is therefore requiring the installation of the Flash Player plugin, which however is unfortunately not supported by all browsers. So, in fact the artist is not free in using a technology which fits best to his artistic concept, but he has to care what commercial companies and the rules of software programming are dictating.

So, the field of netart with all the transient issues is remaining a difficult matter, which is requiring from the user or visitor a particular openness in realising values of another era (in technology, artistic concept etc) , whereby in terms of this kind of transient art – era means the timespan from one to the next step of development, this can be one week, one or more months or one or serveral years. Between 2000 and 2020, there were dozens of such transient eras.

Historically seen, artists were using the Internet for artistic purposes as soon as it was available. But really popular became the Internet only since 1998, so many of the early net based works have their origin around that time, using the extraordinary low technology at that time. From the beginning, one of the main topics was representing the Internet itself and how technology and the perception on technology is changing the general perception of an individual and the society. But as many artists are using the Internet for artistic puposes, as many artistic concepts are existing how artists use it. Differently, than the analogue artwork of a painting which is hanging in the privacy on the wall of a gallery or the living room, Internet based art is meaning always being public art. The user, thus also Critics, curators and other artists can review artworks as soon as they published and can compair the artworking of individual artists. So the artist is not only motivated, but really enforced to keep his individuality and has to orientate himself what is happening on the net. The diversity of artistic concepts in Internet based art is therefore no surprise, but the user/viewer/visitor has to be aware of it, when he tries to value, judge or compare artists and artworks. Most of the art works use an interactive interface. Interactivity is representing a fundamental difference to any conventional art work which can be captured already on first sight. The user is required to do actively the step to enter the art work, thus from outside the artwork as such cannot be recognized, and it can become complete only if all accessible components have been entered. Depending on the its conceptual structures, by interacting the user can determine himself how individually he is experiencing the artwork. So experiencing actively an artwork like that is a counter concept to the conventional (mostly) passively consuming.

JavaMuseum 2000-2010

12 featured artists

12 featured artists
Jody Zellen USA)
MEZ – Mary Ann Breeze (AUS)
J.T.Wine (Germany)
BABEL (Canada)
Tiia Johansson / Raivo Kelomees (Estonia)
and more to be nominated

12 associated curators

12 associated curators
Calin Man & Stefan Tiron (Romania)
Anna Hatziannaki (Greece)
Gita Hashemi (Iran/Canada)
Winston Yang (China)
Wilton Azevedo (Brazil)
Branca Bencic (Croatia)
Eugene Umanski (Russia)
Fran Ilich (Mexico)
Raul Ferrera-Balanquet (Cuba)
Vincent Makowski (France)
Darko Fritz (Croatia)
Elena Maria Rossi (Italy)
25 Featured Projects
1st of Java- Perspectives in New Media 2001
Visions – Up and Down 2001
Fundamental Patterns 2002
Solo Tiia Johannson 2002
Solo Jody Zellen 2002
Solo MEZ – Mary Ann Breeze 2002
French Netart 2003
Italian Netart 2003
LatinoNetarte.net 2003
Netart from Canada 2003
Perspectives 2003
Witchcraft 2004
Netart from Germany 2004
Netart from Nordic Countries 2004
Netart from Spain 2004
Netart from Pacific Area
Netart from UK & Ireland 2004
Extasy – The Final Show 2005
art+blog = blogart? 2007
net.net – Netart Features I-V 2010
Celebrate! – 10 Years JavaMuseum
net.net – edition I 2010
net.net edition II 2010
net.net Solo – Jody Zellen 2010
The RRF Project 2003-2007

net artists
net artists

Yael Kanarek (USA), Jody Zellen (USA), Doron Golan (USA/Israel), Jacki Danielchuk (USA), Ian David Aronson (USA), Marilyn Watelet (Belgium), Giacomo Verde (Italy)
Toni Mestrovic (Croatia), Fernando Llanos (Mexico), Patrick Lichty (USA), Eldar Karhalev (Russia), Atle Barcley (Norway), Jaka Zelesnikar (Croatia), George Alamidis (USA)
Leander Seige (Germany), Roman Minaev (Germany), 80/81 (Italy), Brooke A.Knight (USA), Yifat Gat (Israel), John Cavendish (UK), Christina McPhee (USA), sfear bebopanaut (USA)
Digital Sisters Indeed (Italy), Trebor Scholz/Carol Flax (Germany/USA), Wolf Kahlen (Germany), WOWM.org (Croatia), Marek Gibney (Germany), OXIMORIS, Armelle Aulestia (France)
Tiia Johannson (Estonia), Nicole Stenger (USA), Olga Kisseleva (France), Alexandra Globokar (Croatia), Robert F. Krawczyk (USA), MEZ [mary-anne breeze] (Australia)
Ashley Holmes/Matthew Hawker (Australia), Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (Mexico), Maya Kalogera (Croatia), The Red Team (USA), Myron Turner (USA), Calin Man (Romania), j.t.wine (Germany/USA), Tamara Lai (Belgium), Xavier Cahen (France), Victor Vina (Brazil), Tjader Knight.Inc (Finland), Jader Rosa (Brazil), Coniglioviola (Italy), Andrea Polli (USA), Avatar Project (Italy), Lane Last (USA), Frieder Rusmann (Germany) Pedro Fernandes (Brazil), Simon Norton (UK), Robert Kendall (USA), Barry Smylie (Canada), Sergio Maltagliati (Italy), Isabella Bordoni (Italy), Nicolas Clauss (France), Gregory Chatonsky (France), Cendres Lavy (France), Christophe Bruno (France), Pascale Gustin (France), Erational (France), Antoine Schmitt (France), Xavier Malbreil (France), Julie Morel (France), Thierry Vendé (France), jimpunk (France), Joseph Rabie (France), Stéphan Barron (France), Emilie Pitoiset (France),Fred Fenollabbate (France), Patrick-Henri Burgaud (France), FiLH (France), Xavier Leton (France), Cecile Babiole (France), Christophe Bruno (France) , jimpunk (France), Pascal Nieto (France), Ulrich Mathon (France), Nathalie Brevet/Hughes Rochette (France), Michael Sellam (France), Bobig (France), Gilles Balmet (France), Pascal Bruandet (France), Blue Screen (France), Pauline Desormière (France), Les Riches Douaniers (France), Gérard Dalmon (France), Bruno Samper (France), Oliver Auber (France), Vincent Makowski (France), Xavier Makowski & Aurélie Peyron (France)

Sylvestre Evrard (France), Philippe Bruneau (France), Cathbleue (France), Annie Abrahams (France), Valery Grancher (France), Grégoire Zabé (France), Xavier Pehuet (France), Clement Charmet (France), Ricardo Mbarkho (France), Cathbleue & Picabiette (France), Annie Abrahams/Clement Charmet (France), Maurice Benayoun (France), WEWEJE (France), David Guez (France), v.n.a.t.r.c.? (France), Armelle Aulestia (France), 20000 Volt (Italy), Caterina Davinio (Italy), Carla Della Beffa (Italy), Mauro Ceolin (Italy), Bugz – Lucilla Loddi (Italy), ego (Italy), Chiara Passa (Italy), Domiziana Giordano (Italy), dlsan (Italy), Pino Boresta (Italy), Domenico Olivero (Italy), Speranza Casillo (Italy), Francesca di Gregorio (Italy), Gruppo A12 (Italy), Carlo Zanni (Italy), ctrl (Italy), Nicola Tosic (Italy), Limiteazero (Italy), Agnese Trocchi (Italy), Clockworker Nik (Italy), Marcello Mercado (Italy), UsineDeBoutons (Italy), Enrico Tomaselli, (Italy), Alessandro Piana Bianco (Italy), Marco Cadioli )Italy), Blogwork/Venice Biennale (Italy), Marina Zerbarini (Argentina), Ana Maria Uribe (Argentina), Paula Cordova (Argentina), Juan Manuel Patiño (Argentina), Gabriel Otero (Argentina), Irene Coremberg (Argentina), Indira Mariam Montoya (Argentina), , Robert Echen ((Argentina), Dina Roisman (Argentina), Virginia Buitron (Argentina), Muriel Frega (Argentina), Andamio Contiguo (Argentina), Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga (Nicaragua), Jesus Macarena-Avila (USA), Paco F. Parado (Mexico), Humberto Ramirez (Chile), Eduardo Navas (Chile), Juan Devis (USA), Alvaro Aardevol (Spain), Enrique Radigales )Spain), Antonio Alvarado (Spain), On Air (Spain), santo_file (Spain), Julian Alvarez (Spain), Mashica (Spain), Clemente Padin (Uruguay), Marcelo Frazão (Brazil), Fernando Rabelo (Brazil), Regina Célia Pinto (Brazil), re:combo (Brazil), Lucia Leão (Brazil), Joesér Alvarez (Spain), Andrei Rubina Thomaz (Brazil), Jorge Luis Antonio (Brazil), Marco Casado (Brazil), Arcángel Constantini (Mexico), Cindy Gabriela Flores (Mexico), Fran Ilich (Mexico), Ivan Monroy-Lopez (Mexico), Ricardo Rendon (Mexico), Antonio Mendoza (Mexico), Ivan Abreu (Mexico), Raul Ferrera-Balanquet (Cuba), Yucef Merhi (Venezuela), Claudia Tribin (Colombia), Bela Rosemberg (Colombia), Liliana Molina Moreno (Colombia), Guerrera del Interfaz (Spain), Christian Oyarzún (Chile), Isabel Aranda Yto (Chile), Sachiko Hayashi (Japan/Sweden), David Clark (Canada), Jillian McDonald (Canada), Agence Topo (Canada), Thomson & Craighead (UK), Gair Dunlop & Dan Norton (UK), Babel (UK/Canada), Michael Szpakowski (UK), Enrique Radigales (UK/Spain), Roxanne Wolanczyk (USA), Redcaiman (USA), Nathan Martin, Tyler Jacobsen & Todd Willey (USA)

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