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WOW Jubilee 2020 IV

WOW Jubilee IV 1-30 April 2020

WOW Jubilee Corona I – is the 1st Corona edition

is an intervention in virtual space featuring videoart, netart, soundart & associated interviews
complemented in virtual space by

The 365 Days Diary for April 2020

1 April 2020 / 2010

feature WOW Jubilee IV 2020 Casablanca 2009 1 April – that’s a date which seems to be just a joke, but it isn’t funny that on 1 April 2010 Wilfried, just arrived in Casablanca on invitation of the Goethe Institute Rabat/Morocco to hold a workshop between 01-04 April, is attacked…

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2 April 2011

feature CologneOFF2011 Arad Arad Today, is the final day of the CologneOFF 2011 presentation @ Arad Art Museum, a collaboration with Kinema Ikon, curated by Calin Man. The presentation and exhibition started on 30 March, and Wilfried arrived on 29 March already in order to prepare the exhibition at Arad…

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3 April 2005

feature Compressed Affair by Agricola de Cologne Violencia sin Cuerpos Snowblossom House Museo National Reina Sofia Madrid In order to avoid domestic violence as a result of the Corona shutdown, it is helpful to deal with art, take a look to this article and become creative! It is already the…

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3 April 2020

Open call Deadline: ongoing between 3 April and 1 July 2020 Corona! Shut down? The Corona crisis is demanding from people around the globe to reduce their social contacts in order to avoid a rapid spread of the virus. The Wake-Up! Memorial is inviting audio-visual artists to submit one work…

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4 April 2013 / 2016

feature animateCologne 2012 Corfu Ithaca Kolkata Cologne Schedule for 4 April •Mediateca -CaixaForum-, Barcelona 14 February – 7 April – “Violencia sin cuerpos” 2006 •MNAC – National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest (5 March- 30 April 2004) – RRF •Japan Media Arts Festival 24/03 – 05/05 2006 •Chiang Mai…

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5 April 2005

feature CologneOFF I Today, Wilfried releases the 1st edition of “Cologne Online Film Festival” online, abbreviated “CologneOFF”. Although it was only consequent to do it, after he had the idea of an online festival already in 2002 – realised in shape of Violence Online Festival a project which, however, had…

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6 April 2020

feature Albert Merino This article would like to spotlight the field of creativity in art and moving images on occasion of the solo video feature of Albert Merino in WOW Jubilee 2020 IV. Wilfried grew up with contemporary art in all its facets. He was particularly fascinated by surrealism and…

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07 April 2005 / 2006

feature St.Petersburg Toronto Hongkong Toronto Schedule for 7 April •Mediateca -CaixaForum-, Barcelona 14 February – 7 April – “Violencia sin cuerpos” 2006 •MNAC – National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest (5 March- 30 April 2004) – RRF •Japan Media Arts Festival 24/03 – 05/05 2006 •Chiang Mai 1st New…

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8 April 2020

feature soundart SoundLAB I The today’s article would like to spotlight Wilfried’s interest and engagemnet in soundart on occasion of the NMF2020 April edition featuring the 1st edition of SoundLab, realised in 2004 for The RRF Project and its installation @ BEAP – Biennale of Electronic Art in Perth/Australia. In…

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09 April 2020

feature netart Jody Zellen + 9 netartists NewMediaFest2020 made it obvious also for the non-initiated, that netart, eg. Internet based art, is playing in Wilfried’s professional course of life since 2000 a particular, or even more properly that fundamental role, at all – nothing is demonstrating that more impressively than…

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10 April 2018

feature WOW.14 Ukraine 2018 Kharkiv Kiev Schedule for 10 April •MNAC – National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest (5 March- 30 April 2004) – RRF •Japan Media Arts Festival 24/03 – 05/05 2006 •Chiang Mai 1st New Media Art Festival – Chiang Mai (Thailand) 2003 – 28 March –…

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11 April 1995

feature Majdanek/Lublin Easter 1995 in Krakow Majdanek Today, Wilfried is opening his exhibition “1000 Years, 50 Years, and Still so Terribly Young” at State Memorial Museum of Majdanek in Lublin (the concentration camp of Majdanek, after Auschwitz the 2nd largest concentration camp the Nazi were errecting), which had been presented…

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14 April 2020

feature WOW.18 and the curators Maurizio Marco Tozzi Eirini Olympiou Erick Tapia Gioula Papadopulou Georgi Krastev Paulo B. Menezes Antonio Alvarado Today’s article would like to honour those curators – by name – Maurizio Marco Tozzi – Eirini Olympiou – Erick Tapia – Gioula Papadopulou – Georgi Krastev – Paulo…

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15 April 2004

feature MCA – Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Version>Fest Chicago Edward Marszewski Schedule for 15 April •MNAC – National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest (5 March- 30 April 2004) – RRF •Japan Media Arts Festival 24/03 – 05/05 2006 •Chiang Mai 1st New Media Art Festival – Chiang Mai…

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16 April 2012

feature Le Cube Issy-les-Moulineaux paper “The Loss of the Evolutionary Motivation”. Issy-les-Moulineaux Today, Wilfried received the invitation to write a paper for Le Cube – Centre for Digital Creation in Issy-les-Moulineaux – a place belonging to the metropolitan area of Paris – which he is giving the title –

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17 April 2019

feature Moscow Now & After Videoart Festival 2012-2019 Marina Fomenko Moscow Now & After International Videoart Festival @ Museum of Modern Art – 24 May – 10 June 2012 Museum of Modern Art – 22 April – 5 May 2013 – State Museum of Gulag Moscow 2-30 April 2014 Schusev…

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18 April 2002/2003

feature IMMA – Irish Museum of Modern Art Istanbul Museum of Contemporary Art KanonMedia – Vienna Free Biennial New York Free Manifesta Frankfurt/Germany Sal Randolph A fundamental break was representing the phase when the big art institutions were starting to accept a computer as a tool and digital art as…

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19 April 2012

feature Festival Internacional de la Imagen Manizales/Colombia Rennes ArtChSo Festival 2011 – 2012 Manizales Today 19 April 2012, Wilfried is jumping over the Atlantic ocean in order to attend the CologneOFF screening on 19h local time @ Festival de la Imagen, a prestigeous media art festival organized by Universidad de…

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20 April 2005

feature The RRF Project Digital Art Lab Holon/Israel Message from behind a Wall Holon Since 16 April 2005, the exhibition The Israeli Center for Digital Art in Holon/Israel. The opening had been on 16 April at 20.00h, however Wilfried was not able to attend the event, because only a few…

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21 April 2006

feature JIP – JavaMuseum Interview Project Wilfried mentioned in previous articles already the relevance of BEAP – Biennale of Electronic Art 2004 in Perth/Australia. After 4 years having his social art related activities since 2000 focussed mainly on the virtual level online, the year 2004 is representing a kind of…

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22 April 2010

feature VideoChannel – [self]~imaging EmergenzaArte video festival Silent Cry Santa Maria di Sala Today, Wilfried is making a trip to one of the most beautiful landscapes, he ever visited, the region around Venice (Veneto/Italy) with all the wonderful Renaissance Villas and Palazzi. many of them are not just existing for…

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23 April 2012

feature Forever – The Ball football as a topic in art World Cup Seoul 2002 Forever – The Ball It is the general opinion, that (most) artists reflect society and their living conditions via art. The art museums are overwhelmed with two different type of artistic expressions manifesting themselves in…

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24 April 2007

feature Visions in the Nunnery 2007 House of Tomorrow Videoart from Great Britain – VideoChannel selection London Today, Visions in the Nunnery 2007 is starting a two days lasting video art exhibition organised by Tessa Garland, Darshana Vora and Cinzia Cremona at the Bow Trust’s Nunnery Gallery in London, including…

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25 April 2002

feature MIT List Visual Arts Center Boston Lite Show – Boston Cyber Arts Festival 2002 Internet Art Prize Chemnitz 2001 Roubaix – Centre International de la Communication 2001 Boston Yesterday evening, Lite Show @ Boston Cyber Arts Festival 2002 had the award screening at MIT List Visual Arts Center –…

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26 April 2003

feature Sala Apta Centro de Arte Moderno Buenos Aires/Quilmes Identity of Colour Today, just a short note! Wilfried is for one day in Buenos Aires – an evening @ Centro de Arte Moderno Quilmes, 20h, – entitled Sala Apta, a manifestation of digital art. It is remarkable, how deeply digital…

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27-30 April 2020

feature Corona! Shut Down? Preparing WOW Jubilee 2020 V – May edition of NewMediaFest2020 – but it is time to take a view on the new open call “Corona! Shut Down?” dealing with the current Corona crisis launched during the 1st days of April. To launch this new project, made…

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Retro Torrance

During April

Torrance Art Museum Los Angeles was hosting in 2014, 2016 and 2016 the extended videoart screening programs Agricola de Cologne was curating for CologneOFF, artvideoKOELN and The W:OW Project, and confirmed this way the quality of the audio-visual works and programs, as well as the trustful transatlantic collaboration.

Since Torrance Art Museum will be closed during April 2020 due to the Corona crisis and in April the 4th collaboration with Torrance Art Museum was scheduled – NewMediaFest2020 would like to open a virtual version of the museum’s darkroom by presenting the screening programs of the previous three collaborations in 2014, 2016 and 2018
PDF catalogue

Torrance Art Museum


The Museum encourages all people to develop and increase their understanding and appreciation for modern and contemporary artwork via a variety of exhibitions offered in its two gallery spaces, as well as educational programs, artist talks, lectures, and symposia.

Through its emphasis on contemporary artistic expression in Southern California and globally, the Torrance Art Museum brings together visual artists and community members; fosters personal and civic well being by inspiring understanding and appreciation of the visual arts; promotes meaningful experiences in the arts to strengthen creative and critical thinking skills; and builds bridges between the visual arts and other disciplines in the humanities and sciences.

CologneOFF X – Total Art

CologneOFF 2014 USA
8 November – 6 December 2014 

CologneOFF 2014 USA
@Torrance Art Museum Los Angeles
8 November – 6 December 2014

CologneOFF X– “ Total Art “

Alienated Territories


Alienated Territories
Home, Sweet Home!?

Johanna Reich (Germany) – Horizon, 2012, 1:00
Albert Merino (Spain) –Visàvis, 2013, 5.05
Susanne Wiegner (Germany) – Home, Sweet Home!, 2014, 2:59
Theme Bannenberg & NOK Snel (NL) – Behind Closed Doors, 2010, 7:38
Stephen John Ellis (USA) – Aus dem Kinder , 2011, 5:14
Mizmor Watzman (Israel) – A Thing So Small, 2013, 9:00
Effrosyni Kontogeorgou (Greece) – Knitting, 2004, 6:07
Istvan Horkay (Hungary) – Mother, 2014, 4:51
Sinem Serap Duran (Turkey) – Adequate, 2012, 9:11
Alexander Callsen (Germany) – Gap Camp, 2013, 6:04
Francesca Fini (Italy) – Oasis in the Desert, 2010, 5:00
Matthias Härenstam (Sweden) – Closed Circuit, 2011, 3:01
Valerio Murat and Antonio Poce (Italy) – Meine Heimat, 2012, 4:32
Shahar Marcus (Israel) – Seeds, 2012, 5:03
Rick Fisher (Canada) – Arcadia, 2014, 4:49
Cinzia Sarto (Italy) – Dirty Vacation, 2005, 7:00

VIP interviews with
Francesca Fini – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=656
Mattias Härenstam – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=752
Albert Merino – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=944
Bannenberg – NOK – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=871
Johanna Reich – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=22
Susanne Wiegner (Germany) – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=368

Alienated Identities 


Alienated Identities

Owen Eric Wood (Canada) – Return, 2011, 5:00
Barry Morse (USA) – Mouse’s Birthday, 3:37, 2010
Agricola de Cologne (Germany) – Silent Cry, 2008, 3:06
Cynthia Whelan (UK) – Selfportrait, 3:27, 2005
Jaime Ekkens (USA) – A Life With Asperger’s, 2013, 4:00
Doug Garth Williams (USA) – Back & Forth, 2009, 2:42
Peter Spiers (UK)- Mimicking Frame By Frame, 2010, 06:17
Angelika Herta (Austria) – Man of Iron, 2011, 1:53
Anna Garner (USA) – Sequential Interactions, 2013, 1:54
Zaoli Zhong (China) – We Are Walking All on the Same Road, 2014, 12, 06
Lisa Birke (Canada) – Red Carpet, 2013, 9:59
Kristina Cranfeld (UK) – Manufactured Britishness, 2013, 10:00
Yu_Hang Huang (Taiwan) – Identity Correlation, 2009, 5:41
Levi Hanes (Ireland) – Shapes on Grey, 2014, 3:14
Mores McWeath (USA) – Sharing Laizy Gaines, 2013, 5:12
Yuri Pirondi & Ines Von Bonhorst (UK) – Emergencia, 2012, 10

VIP interviews with
Barry Morse – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=511
Lisa Birke – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=1702

Alienated Memory 


Alienated Memory
Brave New World!?
a collaboration with Institut fier Alles Moegliche Berlin

Roland Quelven (France) – La Chambre d’Eric B. 2014, 4:31
Eric Patrick (USA)- Retrocognition, 2012, 17:37
Evertt Beidler (USA) – Moves Manager, 2011, 4:09
Francesca Fini Italy) – Touchless, 2014, 4:46
Armstrong Tarke (Cameroun) – REVERSE CIVILISATION, 2014, 3:57
Javier Velázquez Cabrero (Spain) – My city a bit cleaner of advertising every day, 2012, 6:00
Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy) – 370 New World, 2014, 5:08
Kaiser Nahhas (Syria) – Anti Censorship Protest at Taksim, 2014, 2014, 4:27
William Pena (Colombia) – Control, 2013, 3:45
IOCOSE (Italy) – In the Long Run, 2010, 20:20
Fabian Heitzhausen (Germany) – I’m Game, 2014, 3:08
Gabriele Tosi (Italy) – The Extreme Challenge, 2014, 4:56
Jonathan Minard and James George (USA) – Clouds, 2012, 19:00
Yu Cheng Yu (Taiwan) – Switch, 2008, 4:32

VIP interviews with
Roland Quelven- http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=606
Francesca Fini – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=656
Marcantonio Lunardi – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=907
William Pena – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=726
Gabriele Tosi – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=1725

Alienated Timelines


Alienated Time Lines

Apotropia (Italy) – K, 2012, 4:00
Isabel Layton (USA) – Little Black Dress, 2014, 2:28
Ezra Wube (Ethiopia) – Amora, 2009, 2:41
Ozan Turkkan (Turkey) – Bipolar Fractal, 2013, 4.32
Ramon Suau Lleal (Spain) – Hoax, 2010, 4:23
Julie Skarland (Australia) – Angeline, 2013, 2:49
Karolien Soete (Belgium) – Tempus Fugit , 2013, 3:53
Umesh Mangupudi ( India) – March To Nowhere, 2014, 6:06
Dustin Grella (USA) – Animation Hotline, 2012, 5:37
Elisabeth Leister (USA) – Strange Loop, 2014, 6.45
SinQuenza (Spain) – Exotic Shadow in a Shadow, 2013, 2.15
Sai Hua Kuan (Singapore) – Space Drawing 05, 2010, 1:21
Kristen Lauth Shaeffer (USA) – Forty-Six, 2009, 4:09
Anthony Sherin (USA) – DUÆL: Lee + Man, 2014, 5:09
Farid Hamedi (Iran) – Theatre for the Artist, 2014, 1:50
Hyash Tanmoy (India) – Stark Electric Jesus, 2014, 12:00
Cinzia Sarto (Italy) – Disquiet, 2013, 3:13
Sanglim Han (S.Korea) – Bloom, 2012, 3:35
Johanna Reich (Germany) – Phoenix, 2012, 3:20

VIP interviews with
Apotropia – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=1661
Ezra Wube – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=830
Karolien Soete – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=820
Elisabeth Leister – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=1862

In The Name Of TRUTH

CologneOFF 2016 USA
2 April – 28 May 2016

CologneOFF 2016 USA
In the Name of TRUTH : Time, Peace and Humanity
2 April – 28 May 2016



://self~imaging – artists show face against Populism & Intolerance

Shelley Jordon (USA) – Holding My Breath (for Peace), 2015, 1:00
Christian Immonen (Sweden) – “Pulse”, 2015, 3:36
Mark Kadota USA) – “Persistence of Emotion”, 2015, 9:55
Tim Riley & Georgia Elizey (UK) – Spiral of Silence, 2015, 3:50
Nouran Sherif & Muhammad Taymour (Egypt) – Home, 2013, 8:13
Elisabeth Ross (Mexico) – Biography, 2013, 6:24
Michael Lasater (USA) – One, Two, 2008, rev. 2012, 09:27
Shahar Marcus (Israel) – The Fathers Have Eaten Sour Grapes, 2012, 4:40
Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany) – Distortion Projected, 2005, 3:40
Silvana Dunat (Croatia) – Who are you, 2015, 04:29
Monika Zywer (Poland) – The Headless Artist, 2015, 1:01
Dova Cahan (Israel) – My Aunt Mina and Her Son Shmuel Never Came Back from Auschwitz”. 2015, 9.18
Sean Burn (UK) – Fragile (from seven short films about madness), 2015, 3 :30
Shivkumar KV (India) – Work in Progress, Video Performance, 2014, 01:01
Wrik Mead (Canada) – =, , 2015, 3:27
Neil Ira Needleman (USA) – Two Landscapes, 2015, 03:01
Fran Orallo (Spain) – Secuencias, 2015, 8’:35
Badr El Hammami (Morocco) – Autoportrait, 2012, 3:06
Isabel Perez del Pulgar (Spain) – Self~imaging for Peace, 2015, 1:45

VIP – interviews with
Shelley Jordon – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=705
Johanna Reich – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=22
Elisabeth Ross – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=887
Silvana Dunat – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=399
Monika Zywer – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=901
Neil Ira Needleman – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=1595
Isabel Perez del Pulgar – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=1638

Video Statement

  • Shelley Jordon
  • Speed of Time


    Speed of Time
    “Refugee Film Collection”

    Zlatko Cosic (Bosnia) – South Slavic Requiem, 2015 , 6:00
    Amir Kabir Jabari (Iran) – Domiz Camp, 2015, 3:11
    Farid Hamedi (Rohina) (Iran) – The Smoke and the Dream, 2015, 13:24
    Mauricio Saenz (Mexico) – Flight Simulator, 2014, 4:17
    Panagiotis Kalos (Greece) – Gasping for Air, 2015, 1:36
    Anni Kaltsidou (Greece) – The Refugees, 2015, 2:48
    Aline Biasutto (France) – The Sirens Chant, 2013, 11:02
    Miss Muffett aka Lisa Seidenberg (USA) – Flight, 2015, 3:51
    Ausin Sainz (Spain) – Land, 2015, 3:52
    Pekka Niskanen (Finland) – Laoufi, in Konnunsuo detention unit, 2015, 10:00
    Paolo Bandinu (Italy) – No Country, 2015, 2: 21
    Mariken Kramer (Norway) – “Patterns of Inclusion”, 2013, 9:36
    Theodoris Trampas (Greece) – Scorched Earth, 2015, 14:53
    Gabriele Stellbaum (Germany) – Song of Myself, 2015, 1:54
    Parya Vatankhah (Iran/France) – Not Read, 2014, 5:14

    VIP interviews with
    Ausin Sainz – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=1597
    Gabriele Ste Stellbaum – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=2303
    Parya Vathankhah – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=762

    Times Collapsed


    Times Collapsed
    Never More! Hiroshima- Fukushima

    Filip Gabriel Pudlo (Poland) – Operation Castle, 2013, 4.20, 10:00
    Mengyu Chen ( USA) – Simulacra, 2013, 2:20
    Daniel Wechsler (Israel) – Dust, 2015, 03:42
    Paribartana Mohanty (India) – – The Miniaturist, 2015, 12: 44
    Jean Gabriel Periot (France) – Nijuman no borei , 2008, 7.30
    Ausin Sainz (Spain) – Stress Society, 2015, 02:35
    Kenji Kojima (Japan/USA) – Composition FUKUSHIMA 2011, 2014, 10:00
    Paul Turano (USA) – Fallout, 2013, 4:30
    Maria Korporal (Netherlands) – Underwater Desert, 2015, 2:35
    Nico Winz (France) – Fukushima Beach, 2013, 5:25
    Jeroen Cluckers (Belgium) – Oneiria, 2014, 3’52”

    VIP interviews with
    Ausin Sainz – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=1597
    Maria Korporal – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=859
    Nico Winz – – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=1789

    End of Time


    End of Time
    The dilight Memorial

    Shon Kim (South Korea) – Latent Sorrow – 2006, 3:30
    Heike Liss & Thea Farhadian (USA) – ZeroPointTwo, 2007, 18:00
    Roland Quelven (France) – Death Fugue B50.02 – L19.20, 2013, 3:15
    Paolo Bonfiglio (Italy) – Mortale, 2009, 6:48
    Myriam Thyes (Switzerland) – Sophie Taeuber-Arp’s Vanishing Lines, 2015, 10:00
    Istvan Horkay II (Hungary) – “Raoul Wallenberg”, 2014, 62:00

    VIP interview with
    Roland Quelven- http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=606
    Paolo Bonfoglio – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=454
    Myriam Thyes- http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=645

    Perspectives of Time


    Humanity – Perspectives of Time

    Diego de los Campos Orefice (Uruguay) – Meatman, 2011, 5:12
    Javier José Plano (Argentina) – “5 actions (on the collective memory)”, 2010, 9:00
    Osvaldo Raúl Ponce (Argentina) – “… Once upon now”, 2012, 09:20
    Diego Pazó (Spain) – Mapas (Maps), 2015, 5:30
    Yuval Yairi & Zohar Kawaharada (Israel) – Land, 2013, 4:36
    Christian Tapies (Argentina) – Three Modern Haiku, 2010, 12:00
    Masha Yosefpolsky (Israel) – Noli Me Tangere, 2008, 6:20
    Emil Zenko & Evgenij Romashov (Belarus) – Maslenitsa, 2015, 2:28
    Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy) – Public Space, 2014 d) 03:45
    Bruno Pavic (Croatia) – 35 faces of homeless, 2012, 3’42”
    Francesca Fini (Italy) – Soapopera, 2015, 10:47
    Marita Contreras (Peru) – Maria, 2010, 5:37
    Baptist Coelho (India) – Beneath It all I Am Human, 2009, 9:41
    Manuela Barile (Portugal) – Morolojam 2008, 8:05

    Marcantonio Lunardi – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=907
    Francesca Fini – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=656
    Marita Contreras – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=392

    The W:OW Project

    WOW.18 / USA
    21 July - 14 December 2018
    including the curators - Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, Marina Fomenko, Ynin Shillo, Maurizio Marco Tozzi, Erick Tapia, Roland Wegerer, Gioula Papadopulou, Antonio Alvarado, Georgi Krastev, Paulo B. Menezes, Eirini Olympiou

    PDF catalogue for download

    The curators

    Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
    Marina Fomenko
    Ynin Shillo
    Maurizio Marco Tozzi
    Erick Tapia
    Roland Wegerer
    Gioula Papadopulou
    Antonio Alvarado
    Georgi Krastev
    Paulo B. Menezes
    Eirini Olympiou


    by Brit Bunkley (WOW Project artist from New Zealand visiting Loas Angeles in August 2018)

    WOW.01 - Program unit1 1-2


    Program unit 1
    Focus / Asia – curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

    Sai Hua Kuan (Singapore) – Space Dawing No.5, 2009, 1:02
    Mani Mehrvarz (Iran) – Wistful Affection For The Past, 2013, 3:06
    Anupong Charoenmitr (Thailand) – To Face, 2014, 5:55
    Mehmet ÖGÜT (Turkey) – The Basket Seller, 2014, 5:40
    Noriyuki Suzuki (Japan) – Fragment, 2012, 6:31
    Shuai-Cheng Pu (Taiwan) – Consciousness Spin Project, 2015, 5:39
    Richard Legaspi (Philippines) – Making Love with the Wind, 2015, 9:40
    Sanglim Han (S.Korea) – Bloom, 2012, 3:35
    Weigang Song (China) – Walling Dissensus, 2014, 5:01
    Shahar Marcus (Israel) – Leap of Faith, 2010, 3:02
    Mohammed Harb (Palestine) – Without Windows, 2009, 5:00
    Yovista Ahtajida (Indonesia) – Re-Interpreting Trump, 2016, 1:15

    Program unit 2
    Focus / World – The Refugee Film Collection – curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

    Maria Korporal (Netherlands) – Stay or fly away?, 2015, 0:49
    Mauricio Saenz (Mexico) – Flight simulator, 2014, 4:17
    Les Riches Douaniers (Gilles Richard & Fabrice Zoll) (France) – The Lonely Migrant, 2011, 16:15
    Johannes Christopher Gérard (Germany) – disorientated displacement, 2016, 05:02
    Masha Maria Yozefpolsky (Israel) – In Between SiO2, 2016, 10:00
    Oksana Chepelyk (Ukraine) – «Letter from Ukraine», 2014, 7:31
    Mohamed Thara (Morocco) – As Long As I Can Hold My Breath, 2016, 9:40
    Lucija Konda Labas (Croatia) – We are the dogs – Wir sind Hunde, 2016, 1:11
    Anna Faroqhi & Haim Peretz (Germany) – Lichtenberg Cleans Up, 2016, 4:34
    WOW.02 - Program units 3-4


    Program unit 3
    Indelible Traces
    curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

    Francois Knoetze (South Africa) – CAPE MONGO – Plastic, 2015, 5:00
    Kristina Frank, & Mervi Kekarainen (Sweden) – 2Rabbits, 2015, 09:18
    Henry Gwiazda (USA) – Magic, 2017, 3:34
    Danijel Zezelj (Croatia) – Thousand, 2014, 05 37 sec
    Albert Merino (Spain) – The Trace of Salt, 2010, 7:38

    Program unit 4

    WOW Russia – Natural Unnatural
    curated by Marina Fomenko

    Marina Fomenko (Russia) – Whence Winter Came to Us, 2012-2015, 4:30
    Lyuba Sautina (Russia) – Plastic Flowers, Russia, 2016, 2:30
    Alexandra Mitlyanskaya (Russia) – A Bus, 2014, 5:49
    Anastasia Levina (Russia) – Universal Memory Cells, 2014, 7:19
    Dmitry Bulnygin (Russia) – Neither Fish, nor Slaves, Russia, 2015, 5:00
    Konstantin Krylovsky (Russia) – A Letter to Lucy, 2016, 2:35

    WOW.03 - Program units 5-6


    Program unit 5
    We Will Fail – curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

    Olga Ozieranska (Poland) – We will fail, 2015, 4’22”
    Ninfa Sánchez & Karen Vilchis (Mexico) – Absence – Breve Ausencia, 2014, 5′ 35”
    Francois Knoetze (South Africa) – CAPE MONGO – PAPER, 2015, 5:00
    Ausin Sainz (Spain) – 3 2, 1 Liberty, 2015, 4:44
    Gabriele Stellbaum (Deutschland) – “ill-timed moments”, 2013, 3:20
    Francesca Lolli (Italy) – The last day of humanity , 2014, 01:49

    Program unit 6
    Art Is Indivisible – curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

    Anca Bucur (Romania) – The confession of an aphasic writer, 2014, 3’31”
    Gregg Biermann (USA) – Iterations, 2014, 5:37
    Machia & Lolina (UK) – Chamelion Seeking Colour, 2015, 7’ 40″
    Emil Zenko & Evgenij Romashov (Belarus) – Maslenitsa, 2015, 2:28
    Valerio DE BONIS (Italy) – “I would claw my eyes out”, 2015, 9:00
    Francesca Fini (Italy) – Virus, 2012, 5:00

    WOW.04 - Program units 7-8


    Program unit 7
    WOW Israel – curated by Ynin Shillo

    Shahar Marcus (Israel ) – Seeds, 2012, 5:03
    Moshe Vollach – 31 Cubes, 2013/2016, 4:00
    Ynin Shillo – War, 2014, 4:20
    Regev Amrani -Fathers, 2015, 1:50
    Aya Nitzan – Gun Barrel Track Gaze, 2016, 2:54
    Natali Issahary – Dune, 2016, 4:24
    Nezaket Ekici & Shahar Marcus – Fossiles, 2014, 12:49

    Program unit 8
    No Return
    The Refugee Film Collection
    selection curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

    Luca Nanini (Italy) – A Hope – a Perpetuum Mobile, 2012, 2:00
    Simone Stoll (Germany) – FAREWELL – ABSCHIED, 2016, 06:08
    Theodoris Trampas (Greece) – Scorched Earth, 2015, 14:53
    Isabel Pérez del Pulgar (Spain) – Línea Imaginaria , 2016 , 06:39
    Mo’ Mohamed Benhadj (Algeria) – GOD WILL KNOW HIS OWNS, 2014, 08:32
    Fenia Kotsopoulou (Greece) – Borderline, 2015, 3:06
    Florentia Ikonomidou (Greece) – Heart Attack, 2016, 02:44
    Daniel Wechsler (Israel) – Exi(s)t, 2016, 01:45
    Panagiotis Kalos (Greece) – Gasping for Air, 2015, 1:36
    Anni Kaltsidou (Greece) – The Refugees, 2015, 2:48
    Monika Zywer (Poland) – Golden Life Jacket, 2016, 01:00
    George Symeonidis, Artemis Stathakou (Greece) – “Refugee”, 2015, 04:08
    David Gutema Gamatchis (Hungary) – Traffickers, 2015, 4:18
    Lucija Konda Labas (Croatia) – We are the dogs – Wir sind Hunde, 2016, 1:11
    Max Hattler (Germany) – Stop The Show, 2013; 1:00

    WOW.05 - program units 9-10


    Program unit 9
    Wake Up
    curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

    Thomas Lisle (UK) – Transformher, 2016, 8:00
    Francesca Fini (Italy) – The Burning, 2016, 8:00
    Masa Hilcisin (Czech Republik) – Fragmented, 2017, 2:30
    Dee Hood (USA) – Shufflebackfuck, 2016, 4:20
    Luca Nanini (aka unaduna) (Italy) – Homologus, 2016, 4:40
    Albert Bayona (Spain) – Darriere – la benzinera, 2016, 3:38
    Roland Wegerer (Austria) – This is My Voice, 2010, 3:35

    Program unit 10
    WOW Italy
    curated by Mauricio Marco Tozzi

    Angelica Bergamini (Italy) – Will you fight or will you dance, 2012, 6:48
    Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy) – The Cage, 2016, 5:46
    Valeria Lo Meo & Michele Manzini (Italy) – Moving Africa, 2016, 5:02
    Lino Strangis (Italy) – A strange earthquake of the mind, 2016, 6:45
    Paolo Bandinu (Italy) – No Country, 2015, 2:21

    WOW.06 - Program unit 11


    Program unit 11

    Transitions from Public to PostFuture
    Curated by Eirini Olympiou (ADAF – Athens Digital Arts Festival)

    List of videos

    Gianluca Abbate (IT) – Panorama, 2015, 07:00
    Cerezo Azahara (SP) – Slopes, 2013, 04:37
    Panagiotis Tomaras (GR) – 165, 2009, 02:45
    Marcantonio Lunardi (IT) – Unusual Journey, 2017, 03:22
    Neno Belcev (BU) – Sectral Promenade, 2013, 03:54
    Maria Fernanda Bertero (EC) – Technolapse, 2017, 06:21
    FIELD (UK) – Hidden Layer, 2017, 02:54
    Thomas Valianatos (GR) – Fractus machine_Cosmo, 201, 03:34
    Giada Ghiringhelli (CH/UK) – Rhythm of Bein, 201, 06:26

    WOW.07 - Program units 12-13


    Program unit 12

    “WOW Austria”
    video selection curated by Roland Wegerer

    Virgil WIDRICH (Austria) – make/real, 2010 / 5min
    Daniel and Matthias HAFNER (Austria) – MODERN MAN, 2014 / 5:44min
    Elisabeth KRAMER (Austria) – “the magi”, 2017 / 1:30 min
    Katharina SWOBODA (Austria) – Pelzvogelkasten, 2015 / 4:05min
    Evelyn KREINECKER (Austria) – Flucht (Flight), 2015 / 2:38min
    Eginhartz KANTER (Austria) – Aufstieg (Rise), 2016 / 3:11min

    Program unit 13

    “WOW Mexico”
    video selection curated by Erick Tapia

    Sergio Hibrain Bañuelos (Mexico) – San Pedro: el Libre / 2015 / 8:51 / México
    Adán Salvatierra (Mexico) – Narké / 2015 / 3:15 / México
    Juan Pablo Romo Álvarez (Mexico) – Postdata / 2016 / 7:00 / México.
    Erick Tapia (Mexico) – TERRITORIUM / 2016 / 3:00 / México
    Julio Valdez (Mexico) – Sickness / 2016 / 7:00 /México

    WOW.08 - Program units 14-15


    Program unit 14
    WOW Greece
    curated by Gioula Papadopoulou

    Anna Vasof (Gr/A) – Down to Earth, Greece-Austria 2014, 4.01
    Alexandros Kaklamanos (Gr) – A Minor, Greece 2014, 2.11
    Panos Mazarakism (Gr) – Virtual Vanity, Greece 2016, 1.21
    Yiannis Kranidiotis (Gr) – Ichographs MdelP, Greece 2015,4.13
    Alex Karantanas (Gr) – Untitled, Greece 2015-16, 6.38
    Katerina Athanasopoulou – Branches of Life, UK 2016, 4.14
    Vasilis Karvounis – Dancing with Thanatos, Greece 2015, 3.45

    Program unit 15
    WOW d/i/light
    curated by Wilfried Agricola De Cologne

    Shon Kim (South Korea) – Latent Sorrow – 2006, 3:30
    Isabel Pérez Del Pulgar (Spain) – Sacrifice, 2017, 11:50
    Mária Júdová (Czech Republik) – Metaphors of the body, 2013, 6:04
    Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy) – Anthropometry 154855, 2015, 3:30
    Shahar Marcus (Israel) – 1-2-3-Herring, 2013, 2:30
    Alessandro Fonte (Italy) – Unisono, 2013, 2:37

    WOW.09 - Program units 16-17


    Program unit 16
    WOW – We Are One Place II
    Curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

    Paolo Bandinu (Italy) – Meandro Rosso, 2015, 00:03:05
    Francois Knoetze (South Africa) – CAPE MONGO – Metal, 2015, 5:00
    Muhammad Taymour (Egypt) – The Caller, 2017, 9:29
    FONTE & POE (Alessandro Fonte, Shawnette Poe)(Italy) – The Trial Loop, 2016, 4:24
    Albert Merino (Spain) – The White Rain, 2010, 8:10
    Susanne Wiegner (Germany) – Home, Sweet Home!, 2014, 2:59

    Program unit 17
    WOW Bulgaria
    Curated by Georgi Krastev

    Valeri Chakalov “The Way”, Bulgaria 2:24
    Valeri Chakalov “Hromel“, Bulgaria 2:01
    Georgi Krastev, “The Journey of a Melody”, Bulgaria, 2:48
    Viktor Petkov “I love Guzlemi”, Bulgaria, 7:06
    Cvetan Krastev “The Long Journey of a Snail to the Ocean”, Bulgaria, 9:52
    Cvetan Krastev “Digitalization of analogue message to the moon”, Bulgaria, 02:12
    Venelin Shurelov, “Je Suis Je”, Bulgaria, 3:09

    Program unit 18
    WOW Portugal
    Curated by Paulo B.Menezes (Oliqua experimetal video)

    Marta Alvim (Portugal) – The death of an owl, 2012, 9’45”
    Rita Macedo (Portugal) – Implausible things, 2014, 9’00”
    Inhabitants (Portugal) – Beams of Cathodic Rays Shooting, 2013, 7’35”
    cul:pa (Portugal) – The fox, 2015, 5’39”
    WOW.10 - Program units 19-20


    Program unit 19
    WOW – We Are One Place I
    Curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne


    Lauris Kalnins (Latvia) – little black shit wants to communicate, 2012, 2:20
    Diego de los Campos Orefice (Uruguay) – Meatman, 2011, 5:12
    Yiotis Vrantzas (Greece) – Phone call from Cairo, 2012, 4:55
    Yuval Yairi & Zohar Kawaharada (Israel) – Land, 2013, 4:36
    Liu Wei (China) – Hopeless Land, 2009, 7:28
    Owen Eric Wood (Canada) – Holobomo, 2009, 4:25
    Roelof Broekman (The Netherlands) – Metropolis, 2016, 01:51
    Brit Bunkley (NZ) – Godzone, 2017, 5:32

    Program unit 20
    WOW Spain
    Curated by Antonio Alvarado (Madrid/Spain)

    Marta Azparren (Spain) – Peso minuto, 2008, 1′.
    Isabel Pérez del Pulgar (Spain) – Opus Nigrum, 2014, 7′ 32”.
    Jesús de Frutos (Spain) – Volemos juntos, 2017, 2′.
    Francisco Brives (Spain) – Tebras, 2015, 3′ 15”.
    claRa apaRicio yoldi (Spain) – Fragmented Memory, 2013, 3′ 04”.
    Magali Berenguer (Spain) – Ludmila., 2017. 3′.
    Julia Juaniz (Spain) – Besos, 2016., 3′ 21”.



    the solo feature of Albert Merino
    As the director and curator of Cologne International Videoart Festival, Agricola de Cologne had to review up to 1500 submissions for preparing the next festival edition. Even if a team of different curators would review seriously, reviewing and selecting videos & films is representing an enormous logistic & conceptual challenge. When artists like Albert Merino were submitting the selection procedure can always be abbreviated, because since the 1st submission in 2010 each of the submitted films have not just an equal, but an increasing quality – that’s why they stand out from all others. Each new work is a new surprise.
    Although Agricola de Cologne was enthusiastic from the beginning, the number of filmic works following each other made it evident, this artist has an enormous creative potential going far beyond the knowledge how to use audio-visual effects – the transformation of dreamlike, surreal ideas into a language of moving images that really matter, made it easy for Agricola de Cologne to accept each submitted high standard work. Awarding Albert Merino as videoartist of the month April 2020 is a view back by honouring 10 years of imaginative film making which was always giving the promis that the abundance of creativity and imagination would generate also in Future more of such astonishing filmic works. Being confronted with the artist’s films and the way of practised collaboration was always a great pleasure!

    video artist from Spain - solo

    Albert Merino

    Albert Merino Gomez (Spain) – The City and The Other, 2010, 3:09
    Albert Merino Gomez (Spain) – Hidden Mud, 2010, 7:42
    Albert Merino (Spain) – Les Bagneurs, 2010, 3:50
    Albert Merino (Spain) – The White Rain, 2010, 8:10
    Albert Merino (Spain) –Visàvis, 2013, 5.05

    Albert Merino (Spain) – The Trace of Salt, 2010, 7:38
    Albert Merino (Spain) – Le Badinage, 2010, 6:32
    Albert Merino (Spain) – Lot’s Shadow, 2011, 6:40
    Albert Merino (Spain) -Compulsive Self-portrait, 2011,05:46

    Albert Merino (Spain) – The Contemporary Art Festival, 2012, 20:20
    Albert Merino (Spain) – Bestiary, 2018, 5:10


    CologneOFF I

    - 1st edition of Cologne International Videoart Festival 2005

    The Best of
    CologneOFF 01 – Identityscapes
    curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

    list of videos

    Kinema IKON

    Curatorial Feature: Calin Man - Kinema IKON (2011)

    Kinema Ikon curated by Calin Man (2011)
    detailed biography

    1. Romulu Budiu – alone with snow / 1975 . fiction . 16 mm . bw . 8’04”
    2. Florin Hornoiu – commuters / 1975 . doc . 16 mm . bw . 7’22”
    3. Ioan Plesh – spring-coming effects / 1978 . anime . 16 mm . bw . 4’44”
    4. Alexandru Pecican – subliminal exercise / 1979 . fiction . 16 mm . bw . 6’13”
    5. Emanuel Tet – dynamic poem / 1978 . anime . 16 mm . bw . 4’31”
    6. George Sabau – cutting ups / 1980-1985 . fiction . 16 mm . bw . 8’58”
    7. Valentin Constantin – beginning of coherence / 1981 . fiction . 16 mm . bw . 8’46”
    8. Iosif Stroia – self-portrait / 1984 . anime . 16 mm . bw . 5’47”
    9. Viorel Simulov – manuscript / 1984 . anime . 16 mm . bw . 6’07”
    10. Ioan Galea – study 1 – details / 1986 . fiction . 16 mm . bw . 4’56”
    11. Calin Man – what’s happening / 1986-1994 . svhs . 1’02”
    12. Mihai Pacurar – traktor / 2005-2010 . digital . 2’05”
    13. Mistik & 01 – digital body / 2006 . digital . 4’44”
    14. Artur Ditu – 9:40 a.m. / 2008 . digital . 1’55”
    15. DSLX, 2005-2010 . digital . 01’23”
    16. KF – new shooter out now / 2010 . digital . 2’15”

    VIP – VideoChannel Interviews IV

    Oksana Chepelyk, Susanne Wiegner, Lisi Prada, Maria Korporal, Ausin Sainz, Francesca Fini, Gabriele Stellbaum, Miri Nishri, Francois Knoetze, Dee Hood and more

    VIP – VideoChannel Interview Project
    selected interviews 02

    Albert Merino – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=944
    Oksana Chepelyk (Ukraine) – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=1722
    Susanne Wiegner (Germany) – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=368
    Brit Bunkley (New Zealand) – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=1611
    Lisi Prada (Spain) – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=2239
    Maria Korporal (NL) – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=859
    Francesca Fini (Italy) – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=656
    Gabriele Stellbaum (Germany) – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=2303
    Miri Nishri – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=140
    Francois Knoetze – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=1770
    Dee Hood – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=496
    Ausin Sainz – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=1597
    Nico Winz – – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=1789
    Roland Quelven- http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=606
    Paolo Bonfoglio – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=454
    Myriam Thyes- http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=645
    Parya Vathankhah – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=762
    Shelley Jordon – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=705
    Johanna Reich – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=22
    Elisabeth Ross – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=887
    Silvana Dunat – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=399
    Monika Zywer – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=901
    Neil Ira Needleman – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=1595
    Isabel Perez del Pulgar – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=1638
    Apotropia – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=1661
    Ezra Wube – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=830
    Karolien Soete – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=820
    Elisabeth Leister – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=1862
    Marcantonio Lunardi – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=907
    William Pena – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=726
    Gabriele Tosi – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=1725
    Mattias Härenstam – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=752
    Bannenberg – NOK – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=871
    Johanna Reich – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=22
    Barry Morse – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=511
    Lisa Birke – http://vip.newmediafest.org/?page_id=1702


    Solo feature of the month April 2020 – Jody Zellen

    Recipient of JAYA’01 – The JavaArtist of the Year 2001 Award
    Jody Zellen was one of the first artists, Wilfried Agricola de Cologne was meeting virtually after he launched his Internet based activities as an artist and curator. Jody’s Internet based work which was already quite comprehensive in the year 2000, belong to the first external netart works, Agricola de Cologne was confronted with before Jody was following his first calls for netart in 2000. At the same time, on which platforms his own net based works were accepted for participating, nearly always Jody Zellen was participating at least with one of her works, as well.
    It was the quality of her work which impressed him from the beginning, her works were inviting to visit the project sites not just once, but many times and all her works have the same level of quality, this is generally something unsual. So, while Agricola de Cologne was preparing his shows on JavaMuseum, but Jody participated on other of his platforms, as well, as soon as there was the decision made to give “The JavaArtist of the Year Award” for the first time, it was clear, that Jody’s work had to be honoured with the 1st Award 2001, and she was the only artist who had even two solo features afterwards.
    When Agricola de Cologne was preparing NewMediaFest 2020 during the year 2019, and he checked how many netart works would be still online after so many years, he was surprised that the majority of works involved in the previous JavaMuseum shows had either simply vanished leaving just dead links, mostly together with the artists themselves, but it was no surprise, that Jody’s works were not only existing and located online under the same URL, but her entire works was perfectly documented, and then while reviewing her works after so many years again, he found them nearly as exciting as he had reviewed them for the 1st time. Despite they are technology based like any good art work they are timeless, and that’s certainly the best compliment which can be made to an artist, that his work isn’t just fashionable for a limited period of time.

    Jody Zellen - solo

    Jody Zellen

    is a Los Angeles based artist who works in many media simultaneously. She creates interactive installations, mobile apps, net art, animations, drawings, paintings, photographs, public art, and artist’s books.
    JavaMuseum Interview
    Ghost City

    Enter the work here

    Ghost City is an ever changing website. It is a virtual city that has become an archive of changing web technologies. Ghost city has no physical space or real time beyond the space and time of the viewer’s interaction with the screen. Ghost City focuses on the representation of the city by the mass media. It uses the space of the web as a sculptural space, allowing viewers to interact with animated graphics to delve deeper and deeper into an imaginary city

    Visual Chaos

    Enter the work here

    On space, time, and human interaction. I am interested in the patterns, structure and design of the urban environment. Rather than document the cities I see, I use representations of a wide range of contemporary and historic cities from the media as raw material for aesthetic and social explorations. Using these appropriated images and texts I make individual photo collages, multi-media installations, public artworks, artist’s books, and web art projects. The different media in which I work feed off of and inform each other. For the last ten years I have been making my art work while working simultaneously as a designer, printer, or gallery assistant.
    Random Paths

    Enter the work here

    Random Paths is a self contained project that functions as a travelogue. It is about sequence and memory and how different groupings of images and passages of poetic texts can create different associations. Random Paths is meant to be circular and hopefully upon each viewing new meanings will be generated.

    Crowds and Power

    Enter the work here

    Crowds and Power uses mediated images to explore the relationship between space, memory, and territory. Windows containing image fragments emphasize the displacement of individuals and the transformation of urban space where large gatherings, demonstrations, and struggles are represented. By juxtaposing charged images with theoretical and philosphical texts about the nature of crowds this website explores internal and external conflicts.


    Enter the work here

    Disembodied Voices is a meditation on the nature of public space. It is a visual representation of how different bodies communicate across space, using cell phones as a metaphor for the new translocal of connected, yet disembodied voices, linked across space invisibly – forming an unseen network of wanderers, always within reach yet nowhere in sight. This site illustrates the collision of the personal/private and public space. As the line between public and private continues to blur intimate transactions have become audible to anyone within earshot. Where we are, in a sense, no longer matters since we are always connected. Using the cell phone as a metaphor, this project connects users and investigates the changing nature of public space into a wirelessly connected translocal, where each person is a node in the network.

    Talking Walls

    Enter the work here

    Talking-Walls is a dynamic website exploring the visual language of wall and street markings.
    Urban Fragments

    Enter the work here

    The JavaMuseum – netart features

    include interactive works by Reiner Strasser, Sachiko Hayashi, Maya Kalogera, Raúl Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet, Katie Bush, Santo_file, Simon Fildes & Katrina McPherson, Yucef Merhi, Talking Birds

    Reiner Strasser

    Reiner Strasser
    JavaMuseum Interview

    Doorman passing

    Enter the work here

    Sachiko Hayashi
    Sachiko Hayashi
    Sachiko Hayashi is a visual artist who primarily works in video and screen-based interactive media. Hayashi holds a BA in International & Cultural Studies with an award winning undergraduate thesis from Tsuda College, Tokyo, a MA with Merit in Digital Media from Coventry School of Art & Design, Coventry University, UK, and completed additional postgraduate studies in Computer Arts at the Royal Institute of Art (Kungliga Konsthögskolan) in Stockholm.
    Detailed biography
    JavaMuseum Interview


    Enter the work

    net art, flash player required, year of production: 2002-2003
    concept, image, sampling, action script programming, sound programming and sound composition: Sachiko Hayashi
    sound source (part): Magnus Alexanderson

    Sachiko Hayashi’s

    Raúl Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet
    Raúl Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet
    was born in Havana, Cuba in 1958. MFA, Multimedia and Video Art Department, University of Iowa, 1992. Ferrera-Balanquet has curated major media arts exhibits in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Cuba and Mexico, among them InteractivA’03 and 01 for the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACAY), Merida, Yucatan. Mexico, 2001 and 2003; “Huellas de un Corazón Sangrante en Tropicana”, MIX-Brazil, for the Museum of Sound and Image, Sao Paulo, Brazil; “Videos That Unmask, Test and Invade the Colonial System”, Program I, Video In, Vancouver B.C., Canada.

    detailed biography

    Travelling Corners (2001-2007)

    Enter the work

    Traveling Corners (2001-2007)
    maps the virtual territory of a transnational community that allows for simultaneity of social practices without physical territorial contiguity from Los Angeles, California to Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

    Katie Bush

    Katie Bush
    Canadian artist

    detailed biography
    participant in
    VIP – JavaMuseum Interview Project

    This Evil has Yet to Come!

    Enter the work here

    Dear Handsome Man and/or Prettiest of Ladies, Please do your morally upright part and: destroyevil.com
    Created the night after George W Bush’s ‘Axis of Evil’ speech. Official launch July 4, 2002. Evil animations added daily. Deliberately on-going. By July 4th 2003 site will contain 365 pages
    Urls dated by day: destroyevil.com/january_10 etc

    Maya Kalogera
    Maya Kalogera (Croatia)
    detailled bio on http://and.nmartproject.net/?p=784

    On My Terrain

    Enter the work here

    This work evokes my very first net art project, Le voyage imaginaire, made with Java voxel applet, where mouse motions were leading the viewer into the morphing landscape. Many years later, with Web GL, we are travelling again through web page into pink territories which are gliding, eluding and disappearing in front of us, while female voice is reminding us that we are between the worlds.

    The way I see the world out of my room

    Enter the work here

    Spanish group consisting of David Casacuberta, Marco Bellinzoni
    Detailed biography
    JavaMuseum Interview


    Enter the work here


    Don Quixote is a palpable example of how far a meme can go with the proper institutional help. The celebration of the year Quixote coincides with the release of a series of memes that circulated on the network, although they did not yet enjoy the interest of the media. We refer to concepts such as copyleft, creative commons, appropriationism, piracy and their application to digital art. It did not seem bad to us, therefore, to reunite this memetic coincidence in an artistic project.
    – X Reloaded offers “interpretations” of a fragment of Don Quixote according to authors as disparate – and usually to our liking – as JODI, Olia Lialina, Barbara Kruger, William Burroughs, El Lissitzki, Tony Scott or Ferran Adrià. Apart from the game “as if”, X Reloaded is above all a tribute to the remix culture and appropriationism that seems to us an essential characteristic of good digital art.
    Practically all the pieces that we have remediated were based on the concept of the remix culture. Barbara Kruger has almost always worked with someone else’s photographs and has faced some lawsuit for copyright misappropriation. The JODI map was already the re-appropriation of a map of the Internet backbone. William Burroughs’ own creative mechanism was based precisely on copying by remixing the texts of others. The hard core of Adbusters’ ideology is culture jamming, by which the icons of consumerism are decontextualized to denounce it. Even a more mainstream character like Ferran Adrià bases part of his success on the idea of ​​”deconstructing” traditional recipes.
    X Reloaded is a project open to collaborations. Many artists have stayed in the pipeline: How about a Jamie Reid God Save the X? Or apply Eulipo’s mechanisms to the selected text? We appreciate the collaborations of Rosa Llop, Xavier Lorente and Ana Sánchez and we invite you to re-appropriate your favorite artist -or the most hated- under the influence of omnipresent X.

    Simon Fildes and Katrina McPherson
    Simon Fildes and Katrina McPherson

    Ardnamurchan Zillij

    Enter the work

    An interactive moving mosaic for the web.
    Between July and September 2004 Simon Fildes was New Dynamics Artist in Residence in the dispersed communities of Ardnamurchan as part of the Scottish Arts Council supported programme for Social Inclusion Partnership Communities. This was a part-time role to develop new ‘new media’ work with young people. Whilst staying there the award-winning video-maker Katrina McPherson worked along side Simon to create a new work for Alt-W called ‘Ardnamurchan Zillij’.
    The artists created a collaborative work with individuals from the geographically diverse groups in Ardnamurchan . They built up a bank of over 130 digital tiles based on looping moving images. The interface allows a user to select tiles and design a constantly moving colourful mosaic of small video clips. The video clips were created by designing, choreographing and videoing the movement of individuals in the communities of Ardnamurchan and the environment around them, and reducing the clips to near abstract shapes and sounds .
    The idea to create an interactive moving digital mosaic was inspired by the artists fascination with Islamic Moroccan tradition which relies on geometry and endless repetition as an outlet for expression using shapes called fourmah to create intricate patterns, Zillij. Katrina and Simon were interested in exploring some interesting cultural parallels in this non representational form of art with the west coast of Scotland.

    Simon and Katrina
    would like to thank Eugene Rainey for his ActionScript programming and all the people of Acharacle, Glenuig, Strontian and Kilchoan (young and old) who got involved with us along the way and who’s presence was invaluable to the process. We would particularly like to thank Calum Carmichael not least for his video contribution but also for being an able and willing assistant throughtout the three months we were resident in Glenuig. Many many thanks are also due to the support crew – Dot Lynas, Ali Macdonald, Peter MacFarlane, Moira Fitzpatrick, Anne-Marie Clegg, Sheena Carmichael, Siobhan Gilespie, Peter Stace, Eoghan Carmichael, Alasdair “Pod” Carmichael, Sue Cheadle, and Nick Ashcroft, without who’s support there would have been no project. Thanks very mush to iain MacDonald and family for the use of the house at Seannlag, Glenuig, we loved it there.
    The New Dynamics project has been supported by the Community Learning and Leisure Service of the Highland Council and has invested in good quality equipment with the support of Lochaber Enterprise and the Tudor Trust. Ardnamurchan Zillij recieved significant additional support from Alt-W, an annual scheme to fund innovative arts projects for the web.

    Yucef Merhi
    Yucef Merhi
    media artist from Venezuela
    Detailed biography

    Poetic Dialogues 1.0

    Enter the work here

    “Poetic Dialogues 1.0 is constituted by 18 different flash movies made with a high-tech wristwatch camera. Each flash movie has a sequence of images taken frame by frame of people reciting a verse that I previously wrote. So, even when I employed a sophisticated machine to do this work, the process was the same that was used at the begining of cinema. When you enter the project you will see 3 different faces that establish a dialogue between them. The interaction among the characters generates a poem. Also, the number of different poems/combinations that you can
    get is 216. This metaphorical process of using a watch to create dynamic poems was taken from a previous work called ‘the poetic clock’, a machine that converts time into poetry which generates 86.400 different poems daily. “
    Poetic Dialogues 1.0

    Read more

    Talking Birds
    Talking Birds (UK)
    detailled bio on http://and.nmartproject.net/?p=784


    Enter the work here

    To mark Talking Birds’ 10th birthday in 2002, we made 10 new artworks and on top of that a little interactive web-thing each month. Hands up if you still have a Channel-hopping fly or a printed desk calendar? You can still play with Helloland, but do bear in mind that it is 10 years old and you may (just may) find a broken link or two…clicky here.

    Talking Birds
    is a company of artists engaged in the transformation of spaces – both real and imagined. The Coventry-based company¹s work is created, and experienced by audiences, in many different places, including theatres, cinemas, concert halls, on television, the internet and radio, as well as in unusual sites, whether a seaside town¹s seafront promenade, a 14th Century monastery or an underground car-park.

    JIP – JavaMuseum Interviews IV

    JIP interviews

    JIP – JavaMuseum Interview Project
    selected interviews 04

    Jody Zellen – http://jip.javamuseum.org/?page_id=46
    Reiner Strasser – http://jip.javamuseum.org/?page_id=38
    Santo_file – http://jip.javamuseum.org/?page_id=40
    Sachiko Hayashi – http://jip.javamuseum.org/?page_id=43


    “SoundLAB I

    SoundLAB 1
    Wittwulf Y Malik, Remigio Coco, Judson Wright, NOTUS, Ludovic Guerry, Abinadi Meza, Caroline de Lannoy, Toni Mestrovic, Kenji Siratori, Mark Kammerbauer, Adam Overton, TACTICAL20, Robert Ciesla, Kirsten Reese, Ros Bandt, Le Tuan Hung, Wolfgang Menzel, nick barker & r. jacobs, David McCallum, John Plenge, Alison Chung-Yan, Andrea Polli, Colin Black, Darko Fritz, Ivan Bachev, Juergen Winderl – mikrokiko, Lee Kwang Goh, Kenji Siratori, Lynne Williams, Marcello Mercado, Natalia Ludmila, Werner Cee

    soundLAB I

    was released as SoundLAB Channel in the context of The RRF Project on occasion of – BEAP – Biennale of electronic Art Perth /Australia 2004. Sonic art as tool for dealing with the complex aspect of memory, its repressing and the forgetting. The particular feature was to include the external curators Zoe Drayton (New Zealand), Tobias Van Veen (Canada), John Kannenberg (USA), Eva Sjuve (Norway), Juan Antonio Lleó (Spain) – who provided their individual selection of sonic art works.
    After BEAP, soundLAB Channel remained until the end of The RRF Project 2007 as its corporate part, but was also acting as an individual platform for sonic art. Including soundLAB I, each of the following 6 years, soundLAB was releasing on large sonic art project. 2016 soundLAB was re-activated in order to realize some new soundart project under specific topics.

    participants –
    Wittwulf Y Malik, Remigio Coco, Judson Wright, NOTUS, Ludovic Guerry, Abinadi Meza, Caroline de Lannoy, Toni Mestrovic, Kenji Siratori, Mark Kammerbauer, Adam Overton, TACTICAL20, Robert Ciesla, Kirsten Reese, Ros Bandt, Le Tuan Hung, Wolfgang Menzel, nick barker & r. jacobs, David McCallum, John Plenge, Alison Chung-Yan, Andrea Polli, Colin Black, Darko Fritz, Ivan Bachev, Juergen Winderl – mikrokiko, Lee Kwang Goh, Kenji Siratori, Lynne Williams, Marcello Mercado, Natalia Ludmila, Werner Cee

    Enter the complete SoundLAB 1 here

    NewMediaFest2020 selection

    Wittwulf Y Malik

    Remigio Coco

    Judson Wright


    Ludovic Guerry

    Abinadi Meza

    Caroline de Lannoy

    Toni Mestrovic

    Mark Kammerbauer

    Adam Overton


    Robert Ciesla

    Kirsten Reese

    Ros Bandt

    Le Tuan Hung

    Wolfgang Menzel

    nick barker & r. jacobs

    David McCallum

    John Plenge

    Alison Chung-Yan

    Andrea Polli

    Colin Black

    Darko Fritz

    Ivan Bachev

    Juergen Winderl – mikrokiko

    Lee Kwang Goh

    Kenji Siratori

    Lynne Williams

    Marcello Mercado

    Natalia Ludmila

    Werner Cee